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Attending a Course Terms and Conditions


You are entering into an agreement with Elizabeth Kraftman. Elizabeth Kraftman is an Accredited Tutor with Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, but this agreement is between you and Elizabeth Kraftman and no direct contractual involvement with Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School.


The organiser reserves the right to change or cancel a course. In these circumstances the organiser will do whatever they can  to offer an alternative date or course. Where this is not convenient the organiser will provide a full refund.

In the unlikely event that the advertised tutor is unable to teach the class the organiser reserves the right to substitute with an alternative tutor who, by way of minimum standard, will be a Paul Bradford Accedited Tutor.

Refunds or Transferring your Place

The organiser is unable to offer any refunds should you decide to cancel or are unable to attend the course.

However, should you be unable to attend you may transfer your place to another student through your own marketing of the place, subject to the organiser's approval. There is a £20 transfer fee to cover administrative charges.

Only in exceptional circumstance will you be able to transfer to another course, which is solely at the organisers discretion and the £20 administrative fee applies.

Exceptional circumstances do NOT include:

  • Seeking to cancel within 4 weeks of the course date
  • Unable to attend a course due to changes in personal circumstances
  • Unable to attend a course due to travel problems
  • Unable to attain the required VISA to enter the UK

Travel or accommodation expenses will not be compensated for should a course be cancelled or re-arranged for an alternative date.

Take Out Insurance

If you wish to protect yourseld then it would be worth consulting Cancelsure on 084 5071 3929 or visit their website at:

They will advise on protecting the course fee and can offer advice on where to protect your travel and accomodation costs too.

Non-UK residents are advised to contact their local insurance advisor.

Overseas Visa Requests

Overseas students are advised  that the organiser will offer a letter confirming the booking once the course has been booked. For legal reasons the organiser cannot offer a letter inviting an overseas national to take up a course place that has not yet been booked.

For further advice and details contact us at: